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July 2017

©Greta Cukrov

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Observation of reactive mesogen (RMM703) dispersed in glycerol using polarized optical microscope. The texture is observed at 95 C between crossed polarizers and a full-wave plate oriented at 45 degrees to the polarizers.

Jury comment

The chiral reactive mesogen forms filaments developing into a structure like a jelly fish in the deep sea.


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Greta Cukrov obtained her B.Sc. degree in Physics at San Jose State University (2014) and her MS in Chemical Physics at the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University (2016). Currently, she continues to work on her Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Ph. D. Program at the Liquid Crystal Institute. Greta is supervised by Dr. Oleg D. Lavrentovich. Her main focus is in liquid crystalline elastomers, imaging, and characterization of liquid crystal dimers that exhibit twist-bend nematic phase. Her list of publications are available at: http://lavrentovichgroup.com/cukrov.html

Contact: gcukrov@kent.edu

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