Anjali Sharma, featured ILCS liquid crystal artist, April 2019

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After my master's degree in physics, I worked on bent-core LCs in Raman Research Institute, India. I joined Prof. Jan Lagerwall’s group "Experimental Soft Matter Physics" in Luxembourg in 2017 as a Ph.D. student. My project is to produce and stabilize LC shells. I am very much interested in the topological defects in LC shell and droplet.

Thank you very much for considering it.

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Picture was taken between crossed polyrizers with 4x objective. Here we have LC shells with aqueous phase inside and outside. in outer phase LC makes a thin layer thus we see defects on the interface. whole system was observerd in a glass petri dish of 2 cm radius. Scale bar is 100 micron.
Jury comment:
This picture beautifully illustrates how complex the alignment of liquid crystal shells with aqueous phase inside and outside can be.