Golam Mohiuddin featured ILCS liquid crystal artist, June 2020

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Golam Mohiuddin is currently working at School of Materials Science and Engineering, Xian Jiaotong University in the research group of Professor Feng Liu and Professor Goran Ungar. He completed his Ph.D. from India worked with Professor Nandiraju VS Rao. He also worked as postdoctoral fellow with Professor Santanu K Pal, at IISER Mohali in India. His research interest includes the design and preparation of chiral photoresponsive liquid crystals targeting for the application in optical and electro-optical devices.

Contact Email: ranju.mohiuddin@gmail.com
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Three-ring based room-temperature bent-core liquid crystal have attracted scientific curiosity recently. Typical texture have been observed in these smallest/smart bent-core molecules at room temperature or below room temperature. This mysterious texture of a three-ring based BLC is captured at lower room temperature (16ºC) sandwiched in a normal glass plate and coverslip through Nikon Eclipse LV100POL polarising microscope with a Linkam heating stage (LTS 420) using a Q-imaging camera and 10X objective. The width of original image is about 1000 µm. The splay in the layers of the texture certainly enhance the possibility of macroscopic coiling in the sample.
Jury comment: The picture is very beautiful and artistically well composed with structured coloured fields at moving “upwards” .