Subhojyoti Sinha, featured ILCC liquid crystal artist, January 2013

Subhojyoti Sinha
Subhojyoti Sinha was born in West Bengal , India. He has obtained his M.Sc (2008) degree in Physics from Vinoba Bhave University , Hazaribagh. Currently he is pursuing his doctoral program at the National Institute Of Technology, Durgapur under the guidance of Dr. Sanat Kumar Chatterjee (UGC Emeritus fellow) and Dr. Ajit Kumar Meikap . Their research group focuses mainly on dielectric and electro-optical study of different liquid crystals and the effect of introducing semiconductor quantum dots, nano rods into these liquid crystals.
Contact information:
8CB (4′-n-octyl-4-cyano-biphenyl) in the smectic A phase; when the sample was taken in 90 degree twisted cell of cell gap ~6.8 µm and viewed under an optical polarizing microscope in crossed polarizer configuration. The scale was 200µm and the magnification was 40X.
The twisted nematic liquid crystal cell was procured from Instec, USA and it has polyimide alignment layer on the glass substrates.

Jury comment: I like the fact that even very simple LCs can give incredibly beautiful textures, which depend upon the details of the cell geometry.