Sandip Kumar Saha, featured ILCS liquid crystal artist, August 2016

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Sandip Kumar Saha obtained his B.Sc. degree from University of North Bengal in 2009 and M.Sc. from Assam University, Silchar in 2011. Currently, he is pursuing Ph.D. in the field of synthesis of Liquid Crystals, under the supervision of Dr. Manoj Kumar Paul in the Department of Chemistry at Assam University, India. His interest toward the optical textures of liquid crystals developed when he joined for Ph.D. research in the year 2012. His Ph.D. research is focus on design, synthesis, characterization and structure-property relationship of new heterocyclic based bent core liquid crystals.
Email: sandipsaha56(at)
Sandip Kumar Saha_20-06-2015
The image shows the growth of uniform fan shaped texture from the isotropic liquid under crossed polarizers on slow cooling (1oC/min) of unsymmetrical heterocyclic containing bent shaped liquid crystals. The image was taken on a normal glass plate at 185oC with a 20x objective using a Nikon Eclipse LV100 POL polarizing optical microscope with Nikon DS-Ri1 digital camera.

Jury comment: The micron-scaled pinwheels are formed by bent-shaped molecules, which rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise.