Pedro Alves da Rocha Filho, featured ILCS liquid crystal artist, December 2016

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Pedro Alves da Rocha-Filho is a full time professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences Course for undergraduate and also for graduate students at Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas Ribeirão Preto, USP, São Paulo, Brazil. His research is related to development of cosmetic products and cosmetic technologies applying vegetal oils, searching liquid crystals denominated by him as “intelligent cosmetics”, mainly provided by Brazilian diversity, and also sensorial analysis of cosmetic products. His research group is composed by PhD students (Gisely Spósito Vieira; Marina Pereira de Abreu Oliveira), Master’s Students (Elizabeth Ramos Romero; Luciana Carvalho Agostinho; Mariane Massufero Vergílio) and Scientific Initiation Students (Antonio Domenico Alves Monteiro; Letícia Rosa Amaral; Matheus Attademo).

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Lamellar phase from urea+fluid parafin+ water+ surfactant blend (ethoxylated lanolin+ laureth-2). 200X

Jury comment: Feather-like morphology of LC phase grown in water is well matched to the season.