May 2017

Liquid Crystal Today, Vol. 26 (2) 2017

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the second issue of Liquid Crystals Today of this year, which, due to lack of submissions, will be somewhat shorter this time. I thus would like to remind the whole community to suggest topics to me that I can follow up, volunteer your students to write reviews about their outstanding work, suggest books to be reviewed, tell us about your latest efforts in public engagement, or simply volunteer to write about the latest conference you attended or are planning to attend. I would like to see contributions to the journal covering a breadth of topics and research areas, written by the whole community, not just a handful of people. You all do very interesting work in your laboratories, in your lecture theatres, with your computers and possibly just with paper and pencil. Let us know about it. This especially holds for the younger colleagues, who thus have a great opportunity to showcase their important work.

Ingo Dierking

Volume 26, 2017 - Issue 2

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Frontiers of Photoactive Soft Matter Workshop 2017

Frontiers of Photoactive Soft Matter Workshop 2017

University of Colorado Boulder
21 - 22 September, 2017

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May 2017 Liquid Crystal Picture

The blocky texture of the twist-bend nematic phase, by Michael Tuchband, has been selected as the May 2017 ILCS liquid crystal picture.