Sasan Shadpour, featured ILCS liquid crystal artist, February 2019

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My name is Sasan Shadpour, and I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Advance Material and Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University. I am working on my dissertation in the group of Dr. Torsten Hegmann. The main focus of my research is on chirality and chirality transfer through space in the liquid crystal medium (in thermotropic and lyotropic) as well as chiral nanomaterials.

My email is
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Cholectric liquic crystal (5CB+1%R-811) sandwiched between a lens and a substrate with hometropic and planar alingmnet, respectively.
Jury comment:
This picture artistically shows a beautiful banded texture of a Cholesteric liquid crystal sandwiched between a lens and a flat substrate with hybrid alignment.