Mid Career Awards

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    Alenka Mertelj

    Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

    For the discovery of both magnetic and electric polar order in nematic phase and new spatially modulated splay nematic phase that has macroscopic electric polarization. Her scientific achievement will stimulate the research on ferronematics and modulated phases.
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    Torsten Hegmann

    Kent State University, USA

    For his pioneering research and leadership in the field of nanomaterial-liquid crystal interfaces, focusing on the surface chemistry of numerous metals, metal oxides and semiconductor nanomaterials. He is one of the leaders in chiral synthesis with a strong future and made outstanding contribution to the synthesis of hybrid and chiral materials.
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    Ivan I. Smalyukh

    University of Colorado, USA

    For his pioneering research and continued leadership in the fields of topological nematic colloids and liquid crystal composites. Also highly recognized are his dedicated contributions to the liquid crystal community in the experiments to control soft matters and liquid crystals with a variety of different topologies, shapes, and molecular organization.
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    Georg H. Mehl

    University of Hull, UK

    Received the 2016 LG Display Mid-Career Award for his pioneering research and continued leadership at the frontier of chemistry and materials sciences of novel thermotropic liquid crystals, which not only elucidated the fundamental governing principles of mesophases and made a groundbreaking progress into new forms of liquid crystals.
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    Ingo Dierking

    University of Manchester, UK

    Received the 2016 Samsung Mid-Career Award for his pioneering research and continued leadership in the area of polymer stabilized liquid crystals and liquid crystal-nanotube hybrid systems. Also highly recognized are his dedicated contributions to the liquid crystal community in a wide range of executive capacity.
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    Jonathan Selinger

    Kent State University, USA

    Received the 2014 Samsung Mid-Career Award for his continued and prolific theoretical contributions to the enhancement of physical understanding in wide areas of condensed matter physics ranging from liquid crystals to polymers, and biological systems. His high commands in applying different theoretical methods have promoted numerous fruitful collaborations with experimentalists from diverse soft matter areas including technological applications. It is highly probable that he will continue to play an ever growing leading role to foster interdisciplinary research efforts in the science of soft matter.
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    Gi-Dong Lee

    Dong-A University, South Korea

    Received the 2014 LG Display Mid-Career Award for his outstanding contributions to the field of liquid crystal display technology over the past decades that proved to be significant in furthering the industry in ever increasing competitive industry. His research foresight resonates the trends in liquid crystal display technologies and is expected to play a pioneering role in the community.
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    Corrie Imrie

    University of Aberdeen, UK

    Received the 2012 LG Display Mid-Career Award for his outstanding and influential work in liquid crystal chemistry, including pioneering work on LC dimers and oligomers, and LC block co-polymers.
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    Robert Lemieux

    Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

    Received the 2012 Samsung Mid-Career Award for his stimulating and insightful work in liquid crystal design, synthesis, and characterization, including highly elegant studies on photochemical switching of the spontaneous polarization in FLCs, and of chirality transfer in doped FLCs.
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    Randall Kamien

    University of Pennsylvania, USA

    Received the 2010 Samsung Mid-Career Award for exceptional contributions to theoretical physics in the context of soft materials, focusing on liquid crystals and liquid crystalline polymer systems, and virtuoso applications of geometry and topology to the elucidation of the structure of unusual and complex chiral liquid crystalline phases.
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    Timothy Wilkinson

    University of Cambridge, UK

    Received the 2010 LG Display Mid-Career Award for pioneering work in liquid crystal device engineering, including many aspects of the application of liquid crystals in novel liquid crystal on silicon diffractive modulators for telecommunications, the revolutionary class of microdisplays capable of real time video projection of two- dimensional and three-dimensional holographic images, and application of nanomaterials in liquid crystal on silicon devices.
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    Sandeep Kumar

    Raman Research Institute, India

    Received the 2008 LG Display Mid-Career Award for his work on the synthesis of discotic liquid crystals, including the first room temprature system, design of nematic discotic materials, innovative chemistry and the inclusion of nanomaterials in discotic systems.
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    Igor Musevic

    University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Received the 2008 Samsung Mid-Career Award for his work on the physical studies of antiferroelectric and ferroelectric liquid crystals, measurements of interfacial forces,colloidal particles and their manipulation in nematic liquid crystals.
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    Shu Yang

    University of Pennsylvania

    For creative materials contributions to the fabrication of responsive liquid crystalline matter at surfaces and interfaces.
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    Teresa Lopez-Leon

    ESPCI Paris

    For pioneering contributions to the physics of liquid crystalline shells.