Awardees at ILCC 1996

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    Harald Bock

    Switching Columns - Electrooptical effects with columnar liquid crystals

    Advisor: W. Helfrich, Free University, (Berlin)
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    Won Hee Han

    Computational modelling of orientation and flow instabilities, textures, rheology, and optics of shearing nematic liquid crystalline materials

    Advisor: A. D. Rey, McGill University (Canada)
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    Takashi Sugiyama

    Study of the Electrooptical Characteristics of Amorphous and Multidomain TN-LCDs: A Computer Simulation, Designing, and Experimental Verifications

    Advisor: S. Kobayashi, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)
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    Bing Xu

    Approaches to Spontaneously Polar Materials: Investigations of Bowlic Liquid Crystals Based on Calix[4]arenes

    Advisor: Timothy M. Swager, University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Glenn H. Brown Awardees

Awardees at ILCC 2012

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    Alexander Lorenz

    Switchable waveguiding in photonic liquid crystal microstructures

    (Applications award) For outstanding work on preparation and characterization of a tunable optical waveguides created using micro-structured fibers filled with liquid crystal. Advisor: Heinz Kitzerow, University of Paderborn, Germany.
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    Elisabetta Matsumoto

    The taming of the screw: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love elliptic functions

    (Physics award) For highly creative application of analytical mathematics combined with deep geometrical insight to an especially interesting variety of problems in liquid crystal physics. Advisor: Randall Kamien, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
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    Brian Ringstrand

    Boron clusters as the centerpiece of advanced liquid crystals: Fundamental chemistry and properties

    (Chemistry award): For outstanding work in the synthesis of liquid crystalline materials possessing unique carborane units in the core, leading to extremely novel highly polar and/or ionic liquid crystals. Advisor: Piotr Kaszynski, Vanderbilt University, USA.
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    Uros Tkalec

    Colloidal interactions and novel colloidal structures in thin nematic layers

    (Materials Science award): For the beautiful, insightful, and precise merging, both experimentally and theoretically, of low dimensional topology with defect structures in liquid crystalline colloids. Advisor: Igor Musevic, Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Awardees at ILCC 2010

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    Ibon Alonso Villanueva

    Nonlinear Optical and Structural Properties of New Bent-Core Liquid Crystal Materials

    For your outstanding work on design, synthesis, and characterization of bent-core mesogens, including new materials for electronic nonlinear optics applications and materials showing photochemically active bent-core phases, development of new X-ray diffraction methods for fundamental structural studies of bent-core phases, and for illuminating studies of the dark conglomerate and B4 phases.
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    Hao Qi

    Liquid Crystal-Gold Nanoparticle Composites

    For your pioneering work on liquid crystal – nanoparticle composites, focusing on the interactions of both conventional and unusual liquid crystal phases with custom-clad gold nanoparticles, from both the fundamental and applied viewpoints, and including approaches for making useful improvements to the electro-optic properties of liquid crystals, and the discovery and study of novel chirality phenomena in liquid crystal – gold nanoparticle composites.
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    Miha Ravnik

    Colloidal Structures Confined to Thin Nematic Layers

    For your outstanding work on creative and pioneering contributions to the science of liquid crystal colloids through theory and computer simulations, including the prediction that entangled nematic colloidal pairs and also complex nematic braids can be stable in thin nematic films, explanation of the stability of hierarchical colloidal superstructures in mixtures of small and large colloidal particles, and pioneering studies on blue phase colloids.
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    Hiroyuki Yoshida

    Artificial Modulation of Self-Organized Structures in Liquid Crystals and its Application to Photonic Devices

    For your outstanding experimental and theoretical studies aimed at extending the applications of liquid crystals and nanostructured liquid crystal – polymer composites, with respect to generation and utilization of cholesterics for tunable lasing, development of novel methods for alignment of liquid crystals, and characterization of liquid crystals using fluorescence polarization microscopy.

Awardees at ILCC 2008

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    Loren Hough

    Layer Curvature and Optical Activity in Bent Core Liquid Crystalline Phases

    For his important study of the B4 and dark conglomerate phases, leading to a new understanding of their intriguing structures, specifically that the dark conglomerate phase has a sponge-like structure, while the B4 phase is formed from self-organised nanofilaments. Advisor: Noel Clark, University of Colorado, USA
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    Yi-Hsin Lin

    Polarization-Independent Liquid Crystal Devices

    For her work in developing several novel principles for the operation of polarization-independent modulators based on liquid crystals which significantly advance the fields of liquid crystal photonics and displays. Advisor: Shin-Tson Wu, University of Central Florida, USA
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    Akihisa Yamaguchi

    New Liquid Crystal Systems with a Hierarchical Structure

    For developing diverse, interesting and novel liquid crystal structures and shapes, including U-shaped and i-shaped molecular systems, which have led to new topologies and complex phase behaviour. Advisor: Atsushi Yoshizawa, Hirosaki University, Japan
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    Giuliano Zanchetta

    Liquid Crystalline Phases in Oligonucleotide Solutions

    For his stimulating study of a novel class of liquid crystal assemblies based on short-chain DNA, which show unexpected chiral nematic and columnar phases produced by end-to-end stacking of the oligomers, leading to speculation that this self-organization could increase the probability for the formation of ribozyme-type molecules capable of autocatalysis. Advisor: Tommaso Bellini, University of Milano, Italy

Awardees at ILCC 2006

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    Michi Nakata

    2004: Chirality and Polarity in Bent-core Liquid Crystals

    For beautiful elucidation of the roles chirality and polarity play in defining the physical properties of liquid crystalline phases formed by bent core molecules. Advisor: Hideo Takezoe, Tokyo Institute of Technology ( Japan)
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    Christian Santangelo

    2004: Fluctuations and Elasticity of Fluid Membranes and Lamellar Phases

    For illuminating theories on the importance of fluctuations on the elasticity of liquid crystalline lamellar phases and fluid membranes. Advisor: Philip Pincus, University of California Santa Barbara (USA)
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    Ivan Smalyukh

    2003: Three-Dimensional Director Fields Studied by Fluorescence Confocal Polarizing Microscopy

    For developing confocal polarizing microscopy for studies of liquid crystalline phases formed by key components of living systems. Advisor: Oleg D Lavrentovich, Kent State University (USA)
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    Yusril Yusuf

    Swelling Dynamics and Electro-mechanical Effects of Liquid Crystal Elastomers as an Artificial Muscle

    For novel research on the swelling dynamics of liquid crystalline elastomers resulting in the first demonstration of their application as low voltage driven artificial muscles. Advisor: Shoichi Kai, Kyushu University (Japan)

Awardees at ILCC 2004

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    Alexey Eremin

    2003: Physical characterization of smectic liquid crystals formed by bent-shaped molecules

    For the discovery and elucidation of liquid crystalline phases formed by bent-core molecules. Adivsor: Gerhard Pelzl, Martin-Luther University, Halle (Germany)
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    Michael Escuti

    2003: Structured LC/Polymer Composites as Photonic Crystal Switches and LCD Innovations

    For contributions to significant advances in photonic switches based on liquid crystal polymer dispersions. Advisor: Greg Crawford, Brown University (USA)
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    Linda Hirst

    2001: An X-ray and electro-optic study of the liquid crystal smectic C* sub phases

    For research on the x-ray and resonant x-ray measurements of smectic C* subphases in a liquid crystal device. Advisor: Helen Gleeson, University of Manchester (UK)
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    Jean-Christophe Loudet

    2002: Behavior of Colloidal Inclusions in Liquid Crystal Solvents

    For research on the synthesis of novel colloidal inclusions in liquid crystals and the discovery and interpretation of new phase separation mechanisms, also in electric fields. Advisor: Philippe Poulin, University of Bordeaux (France)

Awardees at ILCC 2002

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    Eric Grelet

    2001: Structural Study of Smectic Blue Phases

    For x-ray and optical experiments leading to the discovery and elucidation of double geometric frustration in smectic blue phases. Advisor: Brigitte Pansu, Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay (France)
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    Klemen Kocevar

    2001: Study of Ordering and Forces in Liquid Crystal Solid Interfaces

    For research on a new and original way, with potential for novel photonic devices, for studying the structure of liquid crystal interfaces using atomic force spectroscopy that resulted in the first observations of liquid crystalline capillary condensation in confined films of nanometer length scales. Advisor: Igor Musevic, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).
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    Jean-Daniel Marty

    2002: Study of Liquid Crystalline Networks and their Potential Uses in Molecular Imprinting Techniques

    For research on the synthesis of novel liquid crystalline polymers and the demonstration of their exceptional properties as more efficient templates for molecular imprinting techniques. Advisor: Monique Mauzac, Paul Sabatier University (France)
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    Andrew Primak

    2001: High Resolution x-ray scattering studies of critical behavior at the nematic to smectic-A transition in a strong magnetic field

    For research resulting in major advances in the quality and precision of x-ray measurements of the nematic-smectic A phase transition in a strong magnetic field raising the discussion of this important outstanding problem in condensed matter physics to a new plateau. Advisor: Satyendra Kumar, Kent State University (USA)

Awardees at ILCC 2000

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    Peter Paul Mach

    1999: Polarization-Analyzed Resonant X-ray Scattering Study of Chiral Smectic C Variant Phases in Freely Suspended Liquid Crystal Films

    For succesfully observing, for the first time, the double layer periodicity of antiferroelectric liquid crystals by means of the resonant X-ray scattering technique. Advisor: C-C. Huang, Physics, U.Minn./USA
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    Etsushi Nishikawa

    1997: Smectic Liquid Single Crystal Elastomers

    The synthesis and characterization of smectic A monodomain and smectic C elastomers, liquid crystal gels with novel physical properties including macroscopic in-plane fluidity. Advisor: Heino Finkelmann, Macromolecular Chemistry, Freiburg U./Germany
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    Masahito Oh-e

    1998. In-plane Switching Electro-optical Effect of Nematic Liquid Crystals

    The development of the in-plane switching mode for LC nematic displays resulting in the production of marketable Super TFT LCDs with an ultra-wide viewing angle and improved operating parameters. Advisor: Youkoh Kaizu, Physics, TIT/Japan
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    Anand Yethiraj

    1999: The Nematic-Smectic A Phase Transition: High Resolution Optical Study

    The invention of a new experimental technique that gave quantitative deviations from the Halperin-Lubensky-Ma theory away from the Landau tricritical. Advisor: John Bechhoefer, Physics, SFU/Canada

Awardees at ILCC 1998

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    Martin Alexander Bates

    1996: Computer Simulation of Liquid Crystals

    Computer simulations using the Gay-Berne potential to establish connections between molecular processes of a large variety of liquid crystalline states and their physical properties. Advisor: Geoffrey R. Luckhurst, Chemistry, U. Southampton (UK)
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    Eileen M. Korenic

    1997: Colorimetry of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals

    New physical insights resulting in quantifiable ergonomic parameters for cholesteric liquid crystal paints and dyes. Advisor: Stephen D. Jacobs, Inst. Optics, U. Rochester (USA)
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    Koichi Miyachi

    1996: Molecular Rotational Motion about its Long Axis and Antiferroelectricity in Liquid Crystals

    Theoretical and materials strategies for CMOS compatible antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays. Advisors: K. Ishikawa and A. Fukuda, Physical Chemistry, TIT (Japan).
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    Eduardo Arturo Soto Bustamante

    1996: Synthesis and Characterization of New Organic Materials with Specific Electric and Magnetic Properties

    Synthesis and physical characterization of novel banana-shaped liquid crystalline polymers resulting in high performance electrets. W. Haase, Physical Chemistry, Darmstadt U.(Germany)

Awardees at ILCC 1994

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    Gregory P. Crawford

    Nematic Liquid Crystals Confined to Cylindrical Cavities: A 2H-NMR Study

    Advisor: J. W. Doane, Kent State University (USA)
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    Igor Musevic

    Elementary excitations and broken symmetries in a ferroelectric liquid crystal

    Advisor: R. Blinc, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
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    Laurence Navailles

    Synthesis and structure of new helicoidal smectic phases: TGBA and TGBC

    Advisors: P. Barois and H. T. Nguyen, Centre Paul Pascal (France)
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    Isa Nishiyama

    The Effect of Chirality on Ferroelectric and Related Liquid Crystal Systems

    Advisor: J. W. Goodby, Hull University (UK)

Awardees at ILCC 2014

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    Anupam Sengupta

    Nematic Liquid Crystals and Nematic Colloids in Microfluidic Environment

    For his outstanding thesis describing the results of comprehensive experimental study of behaviors of thermotropic nematic liquid crystals in microfluidic environment and the development of microfluidic devices customized for controlled flow of liquid crystals with complex topological internal structures. Advisor: Christian Bahr, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany.
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    Simon Čopar

    Topology and geometry of defects in confined nematics

    For his outstanding thesis describing a new theoretical approach, whereby the combination of local defect geometry and topological properties of nematic disclination networks allows for a complete theoretical description of arbitrary complex nematic braids. Advisor: Slobodan Žumer, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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    Linghui Rao

    Low Voltage Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Displays

    For her outstanding thesis describing seminal contributions to the fundamental understanding of the Kerr effect, development of record high Kerr effect materials for use in blue phase devices, and novel design of practically viable blue phase devices. Advisor: Shin-Tson Wu, University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida, USA
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    Martin Urbanski

    Nanoparticle doping in nematic liquid crystals

    For his outstanding thesis describing a systematic study of composites made of a thermotropic liquid crystal and metal or semiconductor nanoparticles, microscopically characterizing the delicate structural balance in the complex composites, thereby elucidating that ubiquitous unusual properties of composite can be attributed to electro-convection and developing a way to effectively control these effects. Advisor: Heinz Kitzerow, University of Paderborn, Germany.

Awardees at ILCC 2016

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    Daniel A. Beller

    Controlling defects in nematic and smectic liquid crystals through boundary geometry

    For his outstanding theoretical work to identify the rich possibilities and outcomes of controlling defects in nematic and smectic liquid crystals under a variety of boundary conditions. The demonstration of the well controlled disclinations and focal conics is expected to open up a novel route for self-assembly in soft-ordered materials.
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    Johanna R. Bruckner

    A first example of a lyotropic smectic C* analog phase: design, properties and chirality effects

    For her discovery and detailed characterization of lyotropic smectic C* phases that shed refreshing light on the fundamental question in tilted smectic liquid crystals about the origin of interlayer chiral correlation. The hypothesis of particular ordered structures of achiral solvents being the origin of the interlayer correlation has been well substantiated by experimental evidence.
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    Angel Martinez

    Optical Shaping of Structural Self-Oraganization and Topology in Soft Matter

    For his outstanding research contribution to enriching the toolbox for structural manipulation of soft matter based on the optical effect and its application to liquid crystal colloids and polymeric systems. His research pioneered a new trend in the artificial control of microscopic topological structures in liquid crystals that opens a novel avenue for self-assembly in soft matter with a wide range of future applications.
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    Israel Lazo-Martinez

    Liquid Crystal Enabled Electrokinetic Phenomena

    For his finding and detailed analysis of nonpolar and nonlinear electrophoresis in nematic liquid crystals driven by the polar orientation structure and accompanying flow under electric fields. The new phenomenon eliminates the issues of the conventional linear electrophoresis driven by DC fields and will find applications in microfluidics and sensing to sorting of biomolecules.

Awardees at ILCC 2020

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    Greta Babakhanova


    For her outstanding work on nematic elastomer coatings demonstrating the ability to program different surface profiles to the elastomer coating via its nematic director. It highlights general principles underlying this design mechanism by directly relating surface topography to the bend and splay of the director field and identifying the role of topological defects.
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    Clarissa Dietrich


    For her deep understanding of the interplay between chirality and elasticity in both lyotropic and thermotropic liquid crystals. It concerns the development of chiral structures in liquid crystals and the effects of the confinement by interfaces, magnetic field, elasticity, and chirality.
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    Devesh Mistry


    For his outstanding work on designing and synthesizing new acrylate liquid crystal elastomers and the development of mechanically switchable lenses for vision correction. His work is important not just in the context of liquid crystals, polymers and soft matter, but more broadly in auxetic materials and biomaterials.
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    Lisa Tran


    For her outstanding work on the geometric confinement introducing complex defect structures and revealing new insight into liquid crystal self-organization. Her work exploits an elegant interplay of topological constraints and geometric frustration to guide the formation of unexpected self-assembled complex structures.

Awardees earlier than 1994

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    Jean-Baptiste Fournier

    1992: Volumic faceting of smectic liquid crystals germs

    Advisor: G. Durand, Universite Paris-Sud, Orsay (France)
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    Christian Bahr

    1990: On ferroelectric liquid crystals with high spontaneous polarization

    Advisor: G. Heppke, Berlin Technical University (Berlin)
  • collage image title

    Hui Hsiung

    1988: Optical Studies of Liquid Crystal Films: Structures, Surface Ordering, and Dynamics

    Advisor: R. Shen, University of California at Berkeley (USA)
  • collage image title

    Hiap L. Ong

    1986: Interaction of Liquid Crystals with Electromagnetic Fields, and with Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Surfaces

    Advisor: R. B. Meyer, Brandeis University (USA)

Awardees at ILCC 2018

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    Dae-Yoon Kim

    in Chemistry/Materials (Experiment)

    For his outstanding work on the design and synthesis of light-responsive molecules and remote-controllable smart materials. The synthesized photo-responsive materials and the observed structural relationship will have a significant impact on novel photonic devices with a wide range of future applications.
  • collage image title

    Haiwei Chen

    in Applications

    For his development of the advanced technology for liquid crystal displays with high image quality. Also established was a solid theoretical foundation to perform further analysis of liquid crystal displays in terms of three key display metrics of response time, color gamut, and contrast ratio.
  • collage image title

    Shuang Zhou

    in Biology (Experiment)

    For his outstanding research on the viscoelastic properties of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals showing many interesting features of a new class of active matters. His most important accomplishment was the discovery of a remarkable biomechanical material composed of swimming bacteria suspended in a water-soluble non-toxic liquid crystal, termed as a living liquid crystal.
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    Thomas J. Machon

    in Physics (Theory)

    For his theoretical work on the topology and field states in soft matters, especially in complex liquid crystalline environments, with the goal to predict and determine topological properties of the objects such as field knots and topological defects. Another aspect of his contribution to soft matters, the stability of minimal surfaces, opens up a fascinating new field at the intersection of physics and mathematics.

Awardees at ILCC 2022

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    Yuge Huang

    Central Florida University; Nominator: Shin-Tson Wu

    For the PhD thesis entitled “High-fidelity mini-LED and micro-LED displays”.
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    Muhammad Ali

    University of Warsaw; Nominator: Natasa Vaupotic

    For the PhD thesis entitled “Diffraction gratings formed by bent-core liquid crystals in the twist−bend nematic phase”.
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    Jung-Shen (Benny) Tai

    University of Colorado; Nominator: Ivan Smalyukh

    For the PhD thesis entitled “Topological solitions in chiral condensed matter”.
  • collage image title

    Taras Turiv

    Kent State University; Nominator: Oleg Lavrentovich

    For the PhD thesis entitled “Dynamics of living and inanimate microparticles controlled by nematic liquid crystals”.