Policies of the ILCS with Regard to Issuing of the Biennial Awards

General Procedures for ILCS Honors and Awards

  • Nominations for all ILCS awards are submitted using the on-line nomination form.
  • Invitations to nominate candidates for the Glenn H. Brown Prize, the Michi Nakata Early Career Award, the LG and Samsung Mid-Career Awards, the Honored Member Award and the Pierre Gilles de Gennes ILCS Prize will be made through a communication to the ILCS membership and advertised via the Society's website nine months before the upcoming ILCC at which the prizes are to be awarded.
  • Members of the Honors and Awards Committee, Executive Committee, and the Board may not normally nominate a candidate for ILCS awards. If a member of any of these bodies does nominate an individual for a particular ILCS award, they will not participate in any action pertaining to the selection process for that particular award, and will be barred from receiving any information related to the nominations and prizes for that award until the decisions are announced to the general membership
  • Two months before the biennial ILCC, the Chair and members of the Honors and Awards Committee will make selections for awards through discussions resulting in unanimous agreement on each award winner. The Chair and members of the Committee may discuss nominees with the President in situations where guidance on the selection of a nominee is required.
  • The process will be confidential. Identities of nominators and nominees will not be revealed during the selection. The identities of all nominators and unsuccessful nominees will remain confidential.
  • The process of selection should remain impartial. Any conflicts of interest, for example, where an Honors and Awards Committee member belongs to the same institute as a nominee, will be managed by the Chair of the Committee and/or the President.
  • The decision of the Honors and Awards Committee will be conveyed to the President of the Society for ratification by the Board at least seven weeks prior to the ILCC. If any of the Board members have real or perceived conflicts of interest, the President will inform that person and suggest that they abstain from deliberations and voting. Any member of the Board who serves on the Honors and Awards Committee shall also abstain from voting during ratification.
  • The President shall have the authority to reject the selections of the Committee if proper procedures are not followed, for appearance of impropriety, and if the recommendations violate the rules and norms governing such awards. If this should occur, the President will seek agreement from the Board for the rejection and give the reasons for the rejection. The Chair or the Honors and Awards Committee shall refrain from lobbying the Board against the President's recommendation.
  • The President will not vote in the ratification process unless a tie-breaking vote is required, in which case the President will cast the tie-breaking vote.
  • After ensuring and certifying that all the procedures have been followed, the President will seek the Board's ratification of the prizes and awards. Upon ratification, the President will send official notification to each prizewinner of their award and details of the arrangements for the award events taking place at the ILCC.
  • After ratification, the decision on awards will be final, and the Society (Honors and Awards Committee and Board Members) will not enter into any further discussions of the matter with anyone.
Special considerations - mid-career award
  • The president will send a notification to the two mid-career award sponsors one week in advance of public announcement of the two award winners.