Honors & Awards

The ILCS has several different honors and awards for scientists and engineers at different career stages. These include: 1) The Glenn H. Brown Prizes for the best Ph.D. theses (four are usually awarded every two years); 2) The Michi Nakata Award for early career (postdoctoral) achievement; 3) The Samsung and LG Display Mid-Career Awards (two separate awards); 4) Election as Honored Member and 5) Pierre Gilles de Gennes ILCS Prize. To learn more about rules governing nominations and selection of award winners click the link.

The ILCS Awards are given biennially (once every two years) at the International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC). General rules governing the process for solicitation of nominations and selection of the winners can be found in the ILCS Bylaws. Nominations for all awards should be submitted on-line using the nomination form.

The members of the Honors & Awards Committee are listed here.

Descriptions of the prizes and awards, eligibility, and nomination procedures can be accessed through the following links: