Honored Membership

Honored status for the outstanding contributions to the liquid crystal community.


  • Senior researchers who are still active in the field may be nominated for Honored Membership in recognition of their contributions to the Society. These may be purely scientific, although a combination of scientific work and service to the ILCS and the community (scientific and public) is preferred.
  • Nominees for Honored Membership must be Members of the Society.
  • There will be at most one Honored Membership conferred at the biennial ILCC.

The Award

  • The honored Member will receive a framed certificate from the Society with a citation of their achievements during the awards session.
  • The honored Member will be exempt from paying annual membership dues and registration fees for International Liquid Crystal Conferences. There will be no other financial award.
  • The new Honored Member and all current Honored Members are invited to the ILCC Awards Dinner and Conference Banquet.

Nomination Procedures

  • Submission materials for Honored Membership nominations include a letter of nomination (at most 5 pages), and seconding letters (at most 3).
  • Nomination materials should be submitted by the 15th of March of the year of the ILCC at which the Award will be given.
  • All nomination materials should be submitted using the on-line Submission Form.
  • Incomplete nominations may be returned/rejected without consideration.
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